After the Commandments

After the Commandments

After the Commandments were given, God gave more laws that concerned specific cases about people, property and feasts that were to be observed.   Sometimes we feel like our troubles or our thoughts are just too small to bother God.  He probably is too busy with the big things!  First of all, my pastor tells us that faith is not based on “feelings or emotions”!  Faith is based on “knowing” who God is!!  That’s a lot easier for me because I do know who God is and I am so grateful for who He is!  My feelings and emotions, on the other hand, are like being on a huge roller coaster where you can’t see where it is going next!

So it’s God that cares about the little things, the details to help the Hebrew children have a framework that would give them guidelines! They were a new people just getting started on their own.  God knew they needed guidance. So right after He gave them The Ten Commandments, He gave them guidelines.  I hope you care enough about God’s details to read the following for yourself and enjoy!

In Exodus 20:22-26, He instructs them on idols and building an alter for offering their sacrifices. In Exodus 21: 1-11, God gives the laws concerning their slaves.  Exodus 21:12-36 He gives laws regarding injuries of personal kind and also of their animals. Exodus 22:1-15 is for protection of personal property including crops and animals.  Regulations for social responsibility are found in Exodus 22:16-31.

In Exodus 23: 1-9, God covers laws for justice and mercy. Sabbath laws and instructions for three Feasts are found in Exodus 23:10-19. Finally, God’s Angel prepares the way for the Israelites on their way to their promised land in Exodus23:20-33 .

In Exodus 24, God confirms the covenant He has made with the Israelites. All of this is leading up to the Tabernacle that God instructs them to build.  I can’t wait to share with you what I have been shown about the building of the Tabernacle!!  I hope you take the time to study these chapters as they really do demonstrate just how important the small details are to the LORD!  That is a reminder of just how important you are to Him, too!

Have a good weekend and I hope you can worship in your own church!

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