God Chose Abraham

God Chose Abraham

When I was thinking of writing a blog and considered my age; I found that Abraham was 75 when God chose him!! Since  I have always been interested in genealogy,  it wasn’t surprising  I wanted to know more about Abraham’s family.  After all, he lived in a nation that worshipped idols!  So why did God call Abraham?

Abraham’s family tree starts in Genesis with Noah’s son, Shem.  You might find it interesting to calculate how many years were between Shem and Abraham. It is quit amazing, considering the length of their lives,  how possible it was for Abraham to know about God and what He had done in his own family!

Shem was a man of faith as he had worked with his father, Noah, to build the ark that God had told him to build. There had never been a flood that could cover any part of the earth at that time! As a matter of fact, there had never been rain.  Genesis 2: 5b-6, “For the LORD God had not caused it to rain on the earth and there was no man to till the ground, but a mist went up from the earth and watered the whole face of the ground.”   It took men of faith in God to trust Him!

Shem followed his father’s strong faith in God, and believed even without understanding!  Genesis 7:7, “So Noah, with his sons, his wife and his sons’ wives, went into the ark…” Shem would witness his father, Noah, build an alter to the LORD after leaving the ark and after being delivered from the flood.  Genesis 8: 20-21.   Genesis 9: 1,”So God blessed Noah and his sons, and said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth.” 

Shem was a man of honor as we read in Genesis 8:20-27. Read Shem’s family tree in Genesis 10:21-32 and Genesis 11:10-27.  Abram enters into God’s Word!!  He grew up in a family of idolaters in a nation that was idolatrous (located  near the Persian Gulf on the west side of the Euphrates River)! Read Joshua 24:2

And yet, God choose Abram (later called Abraham in Genesis 17: 5, 6) to bless!!!  Why did God choose Abraham? HE knew Sarah wouldn’t have children and that Abraham would take Hagar as his wife and their son, Ishmael, would grow up to be the nation that would fight God’s people!  HE KNEW!

Now read God’s promises to Abram in Genesis 12!  WHY??  Now, I have learned by studying God’s Word that there is always a reason …. Even if that reason is because HE IS GOD!!  That’s good enough for me!

I don’t want  to pass up the chance to stress how important praying Grandparents are in the lives of their children, their children’s children and their children behind them!!  I am so grateful for the generations before me that believed and prayed to their Savior!!  The effect of their faith and their faithfulness is still active today!!

But Abraham did believe and kept believing and following God and built alters to the Lord. Exodus 12:4.    There is so much more to God’s plan for Abraham, but hopefully this will spark an interest in you that will draw you to your Bible to do even more searching and studying!  My prayer for you today is you will find excitement in God’s Word and be richly blessed!


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