God Had a Plan for Joseph – Part 1

God Had a Plan for Joseph – Part 1

It’s Bible School time again!  I love Vacation Bible School and how so many kids can be reached because of fun things many volunteers have worked hard and long to have ready for them!  I realize that there are many new themes in today’s world.  I don’t remember that we had “themes”,  but there were always Bible stories, crafts, great snacks and fun games!

Among all the Bible stories we studied at VBS, I was especially fascinated with Joseph. It seems to me that we were told that Joseph was the youngest of twelve sons. Of course, I must not have been listening very close, because he actually was the next to the youngest.  (Genesis 35:22-26.)

I also remember thinking how special Joseph was to be chosen by God to have dreams. (Genesis 37: 5-11). But when he told his family the dreams, it only made them angrier at him.  They were angry and jealous of him anyway since his father, Jacob, had made him a “coat of many colors”.  I remember the Bible School teachers showing us the pictures of him in his beautiful coat!!

Actually the “coat” or tunic that Joseph wore was not practical for his brothers to wear, as they needed shorter tunics that allowed them to move about more freely for their work with the flocks in the fields. (Read 1 Chronicles 5:1-2 to understand more about the significance of Joseph’s “coat of many colors “ usually worn by the firstborn son!)   The robe that Joseph wore was more ornamental because he did not work in the fields.   But, Jacob did send Joseph to check on the well being of his brothers.  Genesis 37:13-17.

It was on one of these trips for his father, which resulted in Joseph being sold into slavery. I remember how frightened I would become when the Bible School teacher would tell the story about how the brothers wanted to kill Joseph!  But, God had other plans, and Reuben, the oldest brother,  suggested that they could sell Joseph to some traders going by instead!  So Joseph was sold and taken to Egypt as a slave when he was 17.  (Genesis 37: 18-28)

Remember, when we talked about Abraham, from the family tree of Noah! Of course, this again was all part of God’s plan, as Joseph was  part of that family tree as he was Abraham’s great-grandson!  Well, I wish I could tell you that as a student of the VBS, I understood God’s plan that was unfolding; or that I even understood all of it when I had heard it many times!! But, I can say today that I now see how God used Joseph’s life as a slave in Egypt to later save His chosen people! In Genesis, God made a covenant, a promise, to bless Abraham and that He would make him a “great nation”!  (Genesis 12: 1-9 & 17:1-6)  Because of all that happened to Joseph in Egypt, God’s chosen nation would be saved!

I can’t wait to talk with you tomorrow when we find out how everything worked out according to God’s perfect plan!  Be sure and join me tomorrow for: God Had a Plan for Joseph Part 2!



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