God Had a Plan for Joseph – Part 2

God Had a Plan for Joseph – Part 2

Before Joseph’s brothers had sold him as a slave and he was taken to Egypt, he had dreams!  As a matter of fact, Joseph had two dreams.  When he told his brothers about his dreams, it only made them angrier with him.

The author of Hebrews wrote that God spoke “at various times and in various ways to men.” (Hebrews 1:1)  We know God spoke to Adam; to Noah; to Abraham; and to Moses, for example.  Sometimes He spoke with a thunderous loud voice and sometimes, it was in a still small voice.   God also spoke in visions and in dreams.

Joseph’s dreams were of him being in a higher position than his brothers. In fact, one dream actually was of his brothers bowing down before him!  Now he was a slave in a foreign land!  But “the LORD was with him!”  (Genesis 39:2, and again in verses 21 and 23)

Because God was with Joseph, he was able to not only survive, but to thrive successfully!  In order for God’s plan for His chosen people to continue, we can see how GOD was working with Joseph!  Even when his Egyptian master’s wife had falsely accused Joseph of trying to rape her, God was there with him.  (Genesis 39: 2-18)  But Joseph was put in prison.

In prison “the LORD was with Joseph” and the prison warden granted Joseph favor, and gave him the responsibility of all the prisoners.  Joseph was used by God to successfully interpret the dreams of two fellow prisoners.  They had been the chief butler and the chief baker of the Pharaoh, but had been sent to prison for finding disfavor with their king.  When Joseph had interpreted their dreams, he asked them to remember him favorably with the Pharaoh so he could be released from prison.  But, he was forgotten. (Genesis 40: 1-22)

It was two years later that the Pharaoh had a dream that no one could interpret. Finally, the chief butler remembered Joseph and how he had successfully interpreted his dream.

When the Pharaoh called for Joseph, still in prison;  God again aided Joseph  in the interpretation of the Pharaoh’s dreams. (Genesis 41:1-36)  Because of Joseph’s continued faithfulness to God no matter what his circumstances; the Pharaoh’s dreams were the beginning of Joseph’s rise to power in Egypt.  God had shown Joseph that the Pharaoh’s dreams meant that Egypt would have seven years of prosperity, followed by seven years of famine.  As Joseph had shown discernment and wisdom, the Pharaoh recognized him as a “man in whom is the Spirit of God!” (Genesis 41:38)   So Joseph was given the job of overseeing the storing  the grain during the good years in preparation for the seven famine years.  (Genesis 41: 37 -57)

And here’s the good part!! The famine was so severe; that it also affected God’s chosen people.  Jacob sent his sons to Egypt to buy grain!  That is when Joseph’s dreams soon become reality!  Please read Genesis 42 – 47!   Oh, how I pray you will find joy in reading God’s perfect plan unfold as Jacob’s family, as well as the rest of the Hebrew people, were saved from a severe famine!  And God’s plan for them wouldn’t even end there!!  To God be the Glory!!

















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