God is Still in Control

God is Still in Control

We have left Moses in a new place after fleeing from Egypt.  He is going to be there for forty years, so I would like to use this time to talk to you from my heart!  But, we will get back to Moses and his part in God’s Plan!!

How is it possible to hear God’s Word year after year and still not see all that is there? My sister and I have talked about that recently.  We had good Sunday School and Bible School teachers and good preachers.  We both were paying attention and both were saved by faith in our early years. We lived in a Christian world in NW Iowa.  We never heard any negative, sinful talk.  Maybe a swear word once-in-a-while, but as young girls we knew in our hearts that it was wrong.

As a matter of fact, we never talked about divorce! There were divorces, even in our extended family!  But, that was just sad and we never talked about it!  We asked our Momma once, what she and the neighbor ladies would talk about every Monday morning when they would get together for coffee after all their washes were on the line!?  She said they would talk about their kids!  They never gossiped or talked about what else was going on around.  I believe that is true, too, because us three kids were always around and could hear them talking.

We never ever dreamed that a momma wouldn’t want her baby, and she would have it killed before it was even born!? And how could we even imagine that two girls or two boys would love each other and want to be married?  In the 40’s and 50’s , if that type of thing happened, it never touched the people who lived near us!

I do remember wondering why in the world would one woman feel like God was a threat to her children in school? How could that even get to the United States Supreme Court, let alone to declare Bible reading in school was to be prohibited in 1963? (Murray vs, Carlett)  She was only one woman!  Why didn’t the Christians say, “NO!”?   There surely was more of them!!??  But, it didn’t seem to be talked about much!!

My first introduction to abortion was in the 60’s. I was busy having my precious babies: 1962, 1964 and 1965.  Finally I was a Momma!! That’s all I ever wanted to be when I grew up!  But, I watched a day-time drama one day and saw a young woman taken to a dirty back room where a dirty looking doctor performed an abortion!  I wasn’t even sure how it was done at that time of my life.  Now, however, I have seen the terrible, unbelievable pictures and have heard the detailed news account of how it is done and even how parts of the baby are sold for profit.  Yet, it is legal according to the United Supreme Court ruling in their decision of 1973.  (Roe vs, Wade)

I can’t remember when I first became aware of same sex attractions. It still saddens me that our United Supreme Court ignored God’s Word and in June of 2015, ruled in favor of gay couples marrying.  That seems to me that the Court is taking away a chance for these people to know about God’s perfect plan for their salvation!

Let me say right here, that I don’t believe any of these is a sin that is different from any other sin.  We have all sinned!  Different sin, perhaps, but sinners, non the less!  (1John 1: 8-10)

Let’s just say that the naïve girl that grew up in NW Iowa has grown old in an entirely different world.   It  surely isn’t a “perfect” world anymore.  But now, I have to admit… it never was!  All of what has happened in the past 70 years has not surprised our Heavenly Father!  He is the Alpha and Omega and He knew at the creation how it was going to be  with the people He had created!

I’m sure it has broken His heart many times! I know I have broken His heart way too many times!  But, the Good News is God still has a plan!  It has never changed from the beginning!  God created us to have fellowship with Him!  That is the desire of His heart!  He wants to have a close relationship with me and with you!  That is the joy of His heart!  When He sent His Son to be the sacrifice for the sins of the world; for my sins and for your sins…His plan was still headed toward the ultimate goal of being in fellowship with Him eternally in His beautiful home in heaven!

I’m writing this tonight for a couple of reasons! First and foremost it is my heart’s desire to share God’s loving plan with anyone who doesn’t know that love yet!  I know how lonely life is when you don’t have God helping you through the hard path ahead of you.  It’s dark and scary; and so frightening with little or no hope!

The second reason is to reassure myself in the midst of a troubled couple of months. I often need to take some time to reevaluate where I am in my relationship with my Savior!   Satan is roaming around this world (Job 1:7) like a roaring lion, (Proverbs 28:15) ready to devour any he can get.  I find myself sometimes stumbling and clinging to anything close enough that keeps me from completely falling down and losing my way!

It’s at these times, that I need to go back over all that God has done for me! I remember all the dirt of sin that He has washed off of  me and off my life.  I remember the Shekinah Glory moments that I have felt and knew God’s presence around me!!  I remember, too, each moment spent in His Word and Oh, the joy that fills my heart whenever God has disclosed something new to me.

When a divorced mother of three boys can leave a home in Iowa and travel to an unknown place in the foothills of the North Carolina Mountains and find a Jesus loving church welcoming them!  It was God’s plan!!

God’s planned path for me led me to a dream job, where I met a Christian man that would love me and my family as his own! And eventually, God would lead me to a loving church family at Mountain Grove Church and to a new Ladies Bible Study that would open up a new door to knowing Him at His Utmost!!!  To God be the Glory for what He has done!  May God touch your life today in a way that you will KNOW it is HIM!


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