God Makes Sure Moses is Ready

God Makes Sure Moses is Ready

I want to take a little time to share another revelation!   I just read a section titled “Welcome from Dr. David Jeremiah” in the front of The Jeremiah Study Bible.  He wrote, “Each week I spend hours preparing to teach the Word, and I am constantly discovering new insights that guide my life!” page iv

He continues:   “ __I struggled in my spirit about whether I should develop The Jeremiah Study Bible. I wasn’t sure that my own study notes on God’s Word were worthy of such an effort…..I concluded that perhaps the insights God has given me and applications that have come to my heart, could be helpful to others as they live out their Christian faith each day”    …”For these who use this study Bible, my prayer is that you will fall in love with Scripture in such a way that His Word will be written on your heart.” page v

Oh, Amen and Amen! It was such a thrill for me to read the words of this beloved man of God that expressed so beautifully all that I have been feeling!!! (Have to stop here for the tissues! )Those words explain and answer so many of the questions I have been struggling with for some time!  I am sure my sister and my friends will be grateful that I have finally found an answer that should give me peace of mind!!

It also helps me understand Moses and his reluctance to do what God had called him to do.  He didn’t feel he was adequate enough to do it either.  But, like Moses and Dr. David Jeremiah, you and I can do whatever God asks of us because He will supply any help we need.(2 Corinthians 9:10; Philippians 4:19)

Here is another example of something very important that I had missed so many times before today!   Moses was finally on his way back to Egypt.  They had stopped for the night. “And it came to pass on the way, at the encampment, that the LORD met him (Moses) and sought to kill him!” Exodus 4:24 NKJV

What??  God had just chosen Moses to serve Him in a very important detail of His plan to save the Israelites, His chosen people!  Now, He was going to kill him?  I must have missed something!?!

Dr. Jeremiah explains that Moses had neglected to follow the LORD’S command given to Abraham and failed to circumcise his second son, Eliezer  . (The Jeremiah Study Bible page 81)  “This is My covenant which you are to keep, between Me and you and your offspring after you. Everyone of your males must be circumcised.” Genesis 17:10 HCSB

When God calls you to serve Him; be aware that He will often show you areas in your life that have been neglected and needs to be corrected in order to be completely obedient!  This was the case with Moses in Exodus 4: 24-26.  Thankfully, Moses’ wife, Zipporah, realized what had to be done and circumcised their baby boy herself!

See how easy it is to miss this very important detail! Right in the middle of Moses arguing about being the right person for the job; and God giving Moses and Aaron specific details about what He would do; and Moses and Aaron meeting the Pharaoh for the first time…God’s Word throws in this very important detail of obedience to all His Word!!

So, it isn’t important how fast you can read God’s Word; but instead, how closely you consider what you read! What is the message God intends for each word?  I find it very helpful to use cross-referenced scriptures and commentaries to help me understand as fully as possible what God is saying to me. I also find God reassures me sometimes, by repeating the answer from different sources.

I personally believe that every word of God’s Word is God breathed!  Otherwise, I do not know how I could possibly know which scripture to believe and which scripture to just overlook. What about you?  Are there parts of The Bible that you don’t believe God put there?  Please ask God to show you HIS TRUTH!

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