Learning Lessons the Hard Way!

Learning Lessons the Hard Way!

Sometimes it’s really hard to learn a lesson!  After all they had witnessed of God’s power against the Egyptians; and all they had just witnessed of God’s wrath with the spies that had lied about the Promised Land…some of the Israelites were still not happy with Moses and Aaron!

The ring leader this time was even a cousin of Moses!  Korah  and Moses were descendants of Kobath, a son of Levi.   Moses’ father was Amram, son of Kohath  (Numbers 26:58,59) and Korah’s father was Izhar, son of Kohath (Numbers 16:1).  Now, the family of Kohath (or the Kohathites) had the most desired duty of the Levites!  In Numbers 4:15 – 20, they were given the duty of carrying the “most holy things” of the Tabernacle.  Yet, Korah was not content with his job and led some men against Moses and Aaron accusing them of taking pride in their leadership of the people.

We know Moses didn’t ask for this position!  He and Aaron were appointed by God!  So, these men were really questioning the LORD!  Moses was angry and probably crushed with the accusation!  After all, it had not been an easy task and actually very demanding and demeaning!  “I have not taken one donkey from them, nor have I hurt one of them!” (Numbers 16:15b)

Again we see Moses standing between an angry God and His people!  Instead of God “consuming” all of the assembly  (Numbers 16:22),  just Korah and the men that had followed him (and their families) were swallowed up when God opened up the earth!  It was evident that Moses had not hurt these men, but it was from God!  And He wasn’t finished punishing the rebellious!

“And a fire came out from the LORD and consumed the two hundred and fifty men who were offering incense!” (Numbers 16:35)  God gave exact instructions for offering incense by Aaron and his family; but these men thought they could do it their way!

Thank God, we have been saved by grace through the shed blood of Jesus on the cross!  I am forgiven of doing things my way!  But I also know that doing things my way and not giving any thought to what God has said carries a consequence that I may not like!  I pray I have learned enough lessons that I will always be conscious of God at the center of my thoughts and actions!  I am blessed and thankful for all He has forgiven!  How about you?  Have we learned enough lessons that we think about what we say or do and if it will please God?

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