“Moses” Part 1

“Moses” Part 1

We have been following Moses for so long and through so many experiences; it’s hard for me to say goodbye to him!  I  have been reading some reference books about the life of Moses and I realized what an extraordinary man he was.  “So the Lord spoke to Moses face to face, as a man speaks to his friend”  (Exodus 33:11)   It’s important to me to have the highlights of this prophet’s life as part of my blog’s record for future reference whenever I should need it.

  • Moses was in the lineage of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Levi.  Four hundred and thirty years had passed since Levi moved with his brothers and his father, Jacob, to Egypt (Genesis 46) until the Exodus from Egypt led by Moses. According to Exodus 6:14-27; Moses and Aaron were from the tribe of Levi and the branch of Amramite (their father, Amram) was from the Kohath clan (Levi’s third son, Kohath)!  Note: The tribe of Levi were chosen by God to be the priests!
  • Moses first 40 years were spent as an Egyptian.  As a baby, Moses was hidden in an ark to save his life and was discovered and adopted by Pharaoh’s daughter.  (Exodus 2:3-10)   He learned from the wisdom of the Egyptians.  (Acts 7: 22)  But, he always stayed loyal to his own race and when he witnessed a Hebrew slave being beaten; Moses killed the Egyptian. (Exodus 2:12)
  • After killing the Egyptian, Moses flees to Midian where he spends the next 40 years.  He marries and has two sons.  (Exodus 2: 21-22, 18:3-4).   While Moses was taking care of his father-in-law’s flock, God spoke to Moses in a “burning bush”  and told him that he was to deliver the Hebrew children from Egypt and lead them to the land He had promised to Abraham. (Exodus 3)
  • The last 40 years of Moses’ life was leading the Israelites (the name given to the descendants of Jacob in Genesis 49:16, 28) from Egypt to the Promised Land.  It was through Moses during those years in the wilderness  that God  set up the tribes of  Israel with the names of the sons of Jacob; gave them the Ten Commandments; “dwelt among His people” in the Tabernacle; and renewed the covenant He had made with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Moses is credited for writing the first five books of the Old Testament: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.  In the book of Deuteronomy, Moses “reveals to the people that the LORD  is the only God (4:39, 6:4), and that He is jealous (4:24), faithful (7:9), loving (7:13), merciful (4:31), yet angered by sin (6:15).  This is the God who called Israel to Himself.  Over 250 times Moses repeated the phrase, “the LORD your God” to Israel.   Israel was called to obey (28:2), fear (10:12), love (10:12), and serve (10:12) her God by walking in His way and keeping His commandments (10:12, 13).  By obeying Him, the people of Israel would receive His blessings (28:1-14).  The Book of Deuteronomy is directly quoted in the New Testament over 40 times (exceeded only by Psalms and Isaiah.”  The MacArthur Bible Commentary page194

I am so grateful to study and learn from Moses, the greatest Old Testament Prophet!  To God be the Glory!!


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