My First Blog!

My First Blog!

Not really sure this is the best time to begin a new blog! It’s been a rough week for our country and a rough month for me too!  But God has been tugging at my heart to do something FOR HIM!!  I’ve put Him off way too long already. I have said goodbye to my beautiful “Ladies Link With God Bible Study” girls, whom I have been studying God’s Word with since it began 12 years ago.  I felt Gods leading but never knew where He wanted me to go!  And now-over two months later-I am still not doing anything!

One of my favorite Bible stories is found in 1 Samuel 3: 1-20, when God calls Samuel.  I’d smile every time Samuel would jump up and run to Eli and say, “Here I am!”.  He thought it was Eli calling him, but it was actually God!  He did that three times before Eli told him the next time he should say, “Speak, LORD, for Your servant is listening.”  I always hoped that I would say, too,  “Here I am!”  I’d make Him so proud!!!

But, I didn’t.  I wasn’t ready to be obedient immediately!  I stumbled and questioned, and waited, and had all kinds of excuses!  Even now I’m not sure if what I am doing is right.

But, I am going to try to reach at least one person who wants to know the One True God!  The God who created the universe and created each one of us. I believe He loves each one of us as much as He ever loved anyone!

I am inviting you to meet with me each day with your cup of coffee and let me tell you about my Heavenly Father and what He has done and what He can do for you!  Let’s be ready to travel God’s Trailway together wherever He leads us!


14 thoughts on “My First Blog!

    1. Thanks, Jon! I could not have done it without you! What a blessing you have been and continue to be!
      Love you
      Aunt Marlene

  1. I have been blessed by you for many years as we have studied side by side in Bible study! I admire your tender heart to listen to GOD! I look forward to hearing what GOD lays on your heart each day! Love you Bunches!

    1. Oh, Robin, I am so excited! Aint God good!!??!! I never dreamed when we were watching you follow God’s leading to start your Christian Academy that He would be able to use me for anything! You have always encouraged me and been there to support me! I still miss you as a teacher of God’s Word, but I will always use you as a witness to what God can do!! Love you and please pray for my blog, that it will change a life!!

  2. Loved this from beginning to end. The enemy is giving you doubts….don’t listen to him, he is a lier and the father of them….This is something you have always wanted to do..Give God glory and don’t worry anymore if its correct or not… HE is very proud of you and so am I.
    Love you to the moon and back.

  3. Aunt Marlene,

    This is wonderful. You are an amazing women with a deep relationship with God. I pray you are blessed as you bless others.

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