Reviewing Exodus 25 & 26

Reviewing Exodus 25 & 26

In Exodus chapter 25 we began the construction of the tabernacle. God began by giving Moses the instructions for the Ark of the Covenant and Mercy Seat (Ex. 25:10-22); and the Table of the Showbread (Ex. 25:11-30); the Gold Lampstand with seven lamps (Ex.25:31-40).  In chapter 26, we find the instructions for the cherubim curtains (Ex.26:1-6); and the Outer Curtains (Ex 26:7-14); the Boards that made the Sanctuary (Ex.26:15-30); the Veil that made the sanctuary into two rooms: the Holy Place and the Holy of Holies (Ex. 26:31-35); and the Screen Door to the Outer Court (Ex. 26: 36-37).

So you should be getting sort of a mental picture of this. It’s a tent, golden boards forming the walls around it so when you walk into the tabernacle itself you would have to go through the first curtain (Screen Door). You would enter into the first room that is fifteen feet high, and as you looked up you would see the linen with the cherubim beautifully and expertly woven into the material. This may be a glimpse of heaven where I imagine angels all around me. Over on your right you would see the Table of Showbread and on your left you would see the Lampstand, and in front of you would be the Veil with cherubim woven in it. The Veil was very thick and I can imagine a very heavy curtain.  If you would go past the Veil, you would see the Ark (a golden box) with the Mercy Seat (a golden lid).  Carved on the top of that golden lid would be two cherubim with outstretched wings.  I have seen pictures of what they believe the Ark may have looked like and inside were the Ten Commandment Tablets, a bowl of mania and Aaron’s budding rod, and all were visible .  Of course, we don’t know, but I can imagine that it would look like that!  The only means of lighting in that room, The Holy of Holies, was the Shekinah, the glow from God that just filled the room!  I think that would be enough to take my breath!  Can’t you just picture it in your mind’s eye!?!  All of it had to be easily taken up and transported to wherever God led them!

We have ventured into Exodus chapter 27 which begins with the Alter for Burnt Offering (Ex. 27:1-8), the largest piece in the Outer Court.  By following the line of instructions given to Moses by God; we will go next to the construction of the Outer Court and the Priest clothing and duties!

I hope you will join me again, as we travel these exciting instructions!!


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