This is election year in America!  I wonder if everyone is as tired of all the politics as I am!  I have had to change my mind a couple of times already!  There will probably be many more Americans that will change their minds again, too! But, we find that the Pharaoh of Egypt had his mind made up and he was NOT going to change it!

When Moses and Aaron told Pharaoh that the LORD God of Israel said to “Let My people go”; he replied, “Who is the LORD, that I should obey His voice to let Israel go? I do not know the LORD, nor will I let Israel go.” Exodus 5: 2 NKJV

“Pharaoh’s response to Moses and Aaron’s should be regarded as contempt, not ignorance. In the ruler’s disregard for the Lord’s commands, the Lord would “fall….with pestilence and death (the sword) on the Egyptians so that there would be no doubt regarding the answer.” The Jeremiah Study Bible page 81 Exodus 5:1-5 commentary

Now known as “I AM the LORD” (Exodus 3:14; 6:2, 6, 7, 8) the God that had appeared to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as “God Most High” (ex: Genesis 14:19) had a name that would forever be known to everyone. Especially known to the king of Egypt!!

God would send nine plagues that would affect all of Egypt not only as natural disasters, but also touch their bodies, their emotions and their livelihood. Egypt was about to witness the worst conditions imaginable!

I hope you will be interested enough to read the passages that I am only going to list here. I feel confident that most of us know this story of Israel in Egypt, so I won’t write out the verses; but note where they are found for your convenience.

  • The first plague was all the water of Egypt turning to blood. (Exodus 7:20)
  • The second plague was frogs covering the land of Egypt. (Exodus 8:6)
  • The third plague was lice that covered the people, animals and the land of Egypt.(Exodus 2:17)
  • The fourth plague was thick swarms of flies in the houses and all over the land of Egypt. (Exodus 8:24)
  • The fifth plague was a disease that killed the livestock of Egypt; however, none of the livestock of the Israelites was affected. (Exodus 9:6)
  • The sixth plague was boils and sores on men and animals of Egypt. (Exodus 9:10)
  • The seventh plague was hail and fire that struck all over the land of Egypt. (Exodus 9:24)
  • The eighth plague was locusts that destroyed anything that had not been destroyed by the hail. (Exodus 10:13)
  • The ninth plague was a thick darkness over the land of Egypt for three days. But the children of Israel had light in their homes.(Exodus 10:22)

YET none of this made the king of Egypt change his mind and acknowledge that God, The “I AM LORD”, was someone to know and to fear.  Yet, God had one more plague that He had warned Pharaoh about in the very beginning.  This would touch his firstborn son!  We treasure nothing like we treasure our children.  Please join us tomorrow and be ready to witness the true power of “I AM”!



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