Some New Terms to Think About

Some New Terms to Think About

I believe I must address this issue that has been relentlessly torturing me.  I’ve tried to give it up; but it keeps coming back to torment me!  I do not intend to question anyone’s faith.   I just want to talk about a question that has just come into my focus.  I don’t propose to be highly educated.  To the contrary, I never even went to college.  But, I do like to keep up with what is going on in our world.  That is why it was such a shock to read some new terms in a recent article regarding the preacher, Andy Stanley, and his new approach in preaching.

Let me back up to clarify a few things.  Andy Stanley is the pastor of North Point Ministries based in Atlanta.  He is the son of Charles Stanley who is also a pastor of an Atlanta church and has been on television since I lived in Iowa.   Andy Stanley has been the subject of some controversy since a sermon series entitled, Who Needs God You can listen to the series on his website.  In all fairness to Andy, he does have a valid point that makes a patient listener feel better at the end.  Its quit a different approach to theology, though, and I must admit that I am not comfortable with it myself.  I will leave it up to you to draw your own conclusion.

What I would like to do with my blog today is to explore the new terms that were new to me.

  • Post- Christian” When I looked this up in the internet, I was amazed to find that the term has been around for as early as 2005, at least!  As far as I am able to understand it; post-Christian society seems to be a society that at one time had it’s  history, culture and practices rooted basically on Christianity; but has become a society that has rejected or forgotten Christianity.  It seems to describe the culture that we are living in America today!  As I read more, I found there is a difference between a non-Christian and a post-Christian.  A non-Christian may never have heard or may have heard very little about Christianity.  On the other hand, a post-Christian means they have either rejected their belief in Christianity or just forgot it!
  • “Agnostic” Is described as a person who claims neither to have faith nor disbelief in God.

I wish I knew more about this subject to discuss with you, but I am still in a learning mode!  The reason this even came up was because Andy Stanley believes he has to change his approach when preaching to post-Christians.  My personal opinion is that just talking about Jesus and what the Bible teaches is still the way to tell everyone about our God that had a plan from the beginning in Genesis and that plan plays out all the way to Revelations!   I would like to hear from you and what your opinions are.

For now, I’m ready to watch this debate and PRAY1  PRAY!  PRAY!!  Bless you, fellow pilgrims!!


4 thoughts on “Some New Terms to Think About

  1. Very good M….you have done a great job and your research is perfect….This has taught me quite a few things that I did not know before….I totally agree with you….it would be hard for non-believers to grasp this….only Holy Spirit can do what needs to be done and we need God’s word for that to happen….enough said…love you my friend…Shalom

    1. You just don’t know how much I appreciate my family and friend’s comments. There are some days that it seems too hard to continue, but I enjoy it so much! You help me to keep going! Thank you, My Friend!

  2. I too enjoy your thoughts for today. When witnessing to others we should make it understandable to them in words that they can understand.

    1. Thank you, Brother! I feel better about it since I was able to write about it! God is still God! I’m so grateful!!

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