When I Have Second Thoughts

When I Have Second Thoughts

Sometimes I second guess what I am doing! Does God really want me to write about things that happened such a long time ago like in the early part of the Bible??  Seems to me that the world is in such a terrible mess that I should be telling what I have learned about the end times! I feel I should be busy making sure everyone knows and is ready for heaven!!  But I am reminded that if we don’t understand God of the Old Testament and His plan for Abraham and his descendants; how can we possibly understand when He tells us what He has planned for the future?

You see, God’s plan has never changed. He created man in the beginning to be His companion! He wants to know him, and walk with him and talk with him!  That is still what He wants to do with you and me.  But, because of sin in the Garden of Eden, we all have to wait for the next garden that is called Heaven before we will have that personal one on one with God that He has always wanted!

So that is what I need to tell you! I hope to help you understand how important Israel’s nation is to God and how all of that relates to us today as Gentiles.  We need to understand all that He did for them; how they reacted and forgot all He had done; how He kept forgiving them and kept on loving them.  That’s what He does for us yet, today.

Because God knew man was a sinner, His plan included a way for us to be made righteous in order to be His companion. There had to be a way for Him to forgive our sins so we would be worthy to even be called His friend, let alone to be called His heirs! That is all part of their story in Exodus. It is important to know and understand, so we can see and comprehend how it applies to us!!

It meant so much then to read: “Remember former things, those of long ago;  I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is none like me. I make known the end from the beginning, from ancient times, what is still to come. I say, ‘My purpose will stand, and I will do all that I please.”  Isaiah 46: 9-10   

Yes, I do believe God heard me question and answered that He does want me to write about the Israelites and their Exodus from Egypt.  In understanding that; we can understand more about Jesus, His life and death and resurrection.  I believe when we study the Passover and the Sedar meal, we may see some things that even the Jews may not understand; but, I believe it was put there for a very special reason for Gentiles to know and appreciate.  It was all part of the whole story!

I hope you will stay with me as we study every aspect of the Passover celebration; the years in the wilderness; through the building of the temple; and all the way to the Promised Land! It’s not my story; but I sure get excited sharing it!!

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