Israel Fails Their Test of Faith

Israel Fails Their Test of Faith

I have been giving a lot of thought to where we left off yesterday with the Hebrew children!  So much was at stake on what 12 men reported after they had followed God’s command to spy on the  land He had promised Abraham and his descendants forever!

It was a good plan! It would provide them with the information they would need to take over the Promised Land!  It was also a good test of their faith, if they would trust God to do what He said He would do!

But, ten of the men failed that test!  And because ten men didn’t tell the truth….because ten men exaggerated and lied about what they saw….there would be terrible consequences to face!

And it didn’t affect just those ten men!  Of course, they would lose their lives!  (Numbers 14:36-37)  But, it also would affect millions;  an entire generation of Israelites were barred from seeing the land they had been promised!

The rest of the nation, those from the next generation of Hebrews; would now spend forty years wandering in the desert instead of preparing for a new life in a new land, while the generation that had left Exodus would die, one at a time!!  It would be only Joshua and Caleb left from that generation that would cross over into the land of Canaan at the end of the 40 years!  (Numbers 14:38)

You see how important “TRUTH” can be to a nation!  Now, this is not a political blog!  My love is to God and His Holy Word!  But, just like the Israelites were a nation; so, too is our country a nation: the United States of America.  I have been comparing the “reports” we have been given to the “reports” the 12 spies gave their nation!  In my humble opinion,  (and I am allowed to give it here since this is my blog and I am covered by the Constitution); we, too, only have two sources on true and honest reporting in our country today, October 19, 2016.  I am grateful for FOX News Network and American Family Radio for their reporting of  facts on the political contests we are living with today!   There are people in our country that do not have access to these stations and must rely on other sources for their facts!  Like the ten spies from Numbers chapter 14, they are being told exaggerated facts and lies!  I am aware of this because my 95 year old Mother is in a senior home and can only rely on her family to tell her the truth!  I’m quit sure she is not an isolated case!

This chapter in the history of Israel was “so important from a spiritual perspective that two NT writers warn their readers about failing similar tests. ” ( David Jeremiah in Jeremiah Study Bible page 171.)  Read 1 Corinthians 10:1-11 and Hebrews 3:7-4:11 for their writing.

I believe what we need today will not be answered with a political leader. Our only answer and our only hope will be found in the name of Jesus! We must become a people that becomes like a beacon of light to a crumbling nation.

To God be the Glory!!!!




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